Voltage generator DG 106

Characteristics Type voltage, current, electrostatic, electrostatic discharge Other characteristics high-voltage, compact, programmable, portable, with built-in display, static, stand-alone, multiple-output, constant voltage Applications R&D, laboratory, for […]

Reference generator SN 8310

Characteristics Type voltage, current Other characteristics digital, programmable, compact, reference Description SN 8310 is a standard DC voltage and current source. It supplies voltages from […]

Current generator DSG P

Characteristics Type current Description Permanent magnet generators from Hübner Giessen have been specifically developed for applications in which a rotary movement is to be converted […]

Ultrasonic pulse generator OPUG-S/A

Characteristics Type ultrasonic pulse Description Generator UG-S/A is designed to power the ultrasonic ceramic transducers by sinusoidal voltage/current with frequency in range 17 – 50kHz. […]

Ultrasonic pulse generator OPGUD HV

Characteristics Type ultrasonic pulse Description OPGUD HV is an ultrasonic pulser suitable for operation with all ultrasonic transducers with about 500pF – 20nF impedance. Features: […]

Signal generator BPSG6

Characteristics Type signal, RF, frequency Other characteristics digital, USB, compact, portable, reference Applications OEM Description Compact, cost-effective and portable (battery-powered) RF signal generator BPSG6 OEM […]

Function generator FG32

Characteristics Type function Description The FG32 is a 3-MHz function generator with a 60-MHz counter, manufactured by Tepcel. It can operate with 6 waveform functions, […]