Reference generator SN 8310


voltage, current
Other characteristics
digital, programmable, compact, reference


SN 8310 is a standard DC voltage and current source. It supplies voltages from 100 nV to 110 V and currents from 1 nA to 110 mA with an accuracy of better than 0.002% (20 ppm).

It is fully programmable via RS 232 and IEEE 488 (option) interfaces, which makes it the perfect instrument for test benches and automatic test equipment applications. SN 8310 is also available with a battery in option.

SN 8310 is offered into a compact benchtop housing for on-site use as well as benchtop or panel mounted use. It is widely used in metrological departments, quality-control departments, research and development laboratories and also by maintenance and approval companies.

SN 8310 needs 30 seconds to warm-up and generate an output within 0.002% of final value, 5 minutes to get an output within 0.0002% of final value.

The exceptional precision, stability and extended range of the SN 8310 enable the instrument to address a wide variety of applications, which can be grouped into 3 types:

– DC voltage and current standard for calibrating or testing voltmeters or ammeters (bench or panel mounted), but also electronic systems, such as dividers, amplifiers, converters, oscillators and other components whether linear or not.
– Sensor simulation such as ┬ÁV, mV or mA sources to calibrate controllers, transmitters, recorders and other instruments used in process control.
– Ultra-stable, programmable, high precision power supply.

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