Function generator DG4000 series


arbitrary waveform, function, pulse, frequency
Other characteristics
digital, analog, PWM, multi-function


DG4000 series multi-function signal generator with functions of function generator, arbitrary waveform generator, pulse generator, harmonic generator, analog / digital modulator, frequency meter, etc.; all models of this series have two channels with identical functions and phase adjustable between channels.

Wide Screen, Novel Appearance
The parameter setting value, waveform shape and output configuration of the channel are clearly displayed, so that the user can see the current output state of the instrument at a glance.

Dual Channels With Equal Performance And Precise Phase Adjustment Between
The dual channel performance is the same, including basic wave, arbitrary wave, modulation wave, scanning, pulse series and other waveform output. Between channels, waveform or state can be copied, and frequency / amplitude / phase coupling can also be performed. The phase between channels can be adjusted accurately.

Built In 150 Arbitrary Waveforms
Various common waveforms in built-in teaching and circuit debugging are classified according to common, engineering, subsection modulation, bioelectricity, medical treatment, standard, mathematics, trigonometric function, anti trigonometric function and window function. Special user key is provided on the panel to quickly call out specified arbitrary waves.

Rich Analog And Digital Modulation Functions
Modulation types include am, FM, PM, ask, FSK, 3fsk, 4FSK, PSK, BPSK, QPSK, PWM and OSK, and support internal and external modulation sources to meet the needs of more teaching or communication system testing.

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