Ultrasonic pulse generator OPGUD HV


ultrasonic pulse


OPGUD HV is an ultrasonic pulser suitable for operation
with all ultrasonic transducers with about 500pF – 20nF impedance.


• Stepless settings of:
– amplitude,
– duty factor,
– repetition frequency;

• Two modes of work:
– SET, mode that allows you to set parameters using potentiometers;
– RUN, mode where the possibility of changing the settings is blocked;

• Trigger (BNC connector):
– Internal;
– External.

• Dimensions: 240x170x90mm;

• Weight: 1.9 kg;

• Power supply: 12V /3A, wall socket.

Technical data:

• Frequency range: 0,7Hz to 164Hz*)
• Range of duty factor: 50% – 95%;
• The pulse amplitude control within: 100V – 1200V

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