Ultrasonic pulse generator OPUG-S/A


ultrasonic pulse


Generator UG-S/A is designed to power the ultrasonic ceramic transducers by sinusoidal voltage/current with frequency in range 17 – 50kHz.

Generator has opportunity to work with specialized software package. Software controls generator, processes and displays collected data.

On customer request, the parameters of the generator can be adapted to specific requirements.


– manual or automatic mode;
– measurement of frequency response of the transducer;
– generated signal frequency adjustment;
– stepless power control;
– four temperature sensors PT100;
– transform output;
– measurement of output parameters:
• current,
• voltage,
• power,
• impedance module;
– dimensions: 360x340x160 mm;
– remote control: RS232;
– cooperation with specialized software package, running on the Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP/VISTA/7.0;
– power supply: 230V/50Hz.

Technical Data:

Operating frequency: 17000 – 50000Hz
Step of frequency: 1kHz or 2Hz
Max output power: 600W
Max output voltage: 500 Vsk

Max load current: 4.0 Ask
Output voltage range: 1% – 99%. step 1%
Load impedance: 40 – 300Ω
Output voltage waveform: SIN (h max < 10%)

Accuracy: Frequency measurement: ±1Hz
Voltage measurement: ±5%, ±5LSB
Current measurement: ±5%, ±5LSB
Phase measurement: ±2% (+50/-70°)
Impedance module measurement: ±5% (20-400Ω)

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