Wind Turbine

Planetary gear wind turbine SE15532

Characteristics Technology planetary gear Other characteristics variable-speed Power 3,200 kW(4,350.79 hp) Blade diameter 155 m(508'06" ) Description Features 3.X WTGS 3.X series with the rated […]

Variable-speed wind turbine SE14125

Characteristics Other characteristics variable-speed Power 2,500 kW(3,399.05 hp) Blade diameter 141 m(462'07" ) Description Features 2.X WTGS The 2.X series is characterized by European design […]

Wind turbine Urban

Characteristics Power 10 kW(13.6 hp) Description Urban wind turbine market is maybe one of the most underserved markets out there. The biggest reason for this […]

Wind turbine N163/5.X

Characteristics Power 5,000 kW(6,798.11 hp) Blade diameter 163 m(534'09" ) Description TAKING FLEXIBILITY TO THE NEXT LEVEL With the new N149/5.X and the N163/5.X, we […]

Wind turbine Wind Tree

Characteristics Power 10.8 kW(14.68 hp) Description Ideal for communities and businesses alike, the Wind Tree is an asset that produces green energy while respecting aesthetics […]

Wind turbine GW 1S

Characteristics Power Min.: 850 kW(1,155.68 hp) Max.: 1,100 kW(1,495.58 hp) Blade diameter 82 m(269'00" ) Description Excellent Environment Adaptability Adaptable to various environment conditions like high and […]

Wind turbine 1.7-100/103

Characteristics Power Max.: 3,400 kW(4,622.71 hp) Min.: 1,600 kW(2,175.39 hp) Blade diameter Max.: 103 m(337'11" ) Min.: 100 m(328'01" ) Description GE’s 1.7-100/103 wind turbine offers a 47% increase […]