Function generator DG2000 series


Other characteristics
broadband, vertical, multi-function


With frequencies up to 100 MHz, 16Bit Resolution, and arbitrary waveforms of up to 16 Mpts the DG2000 reproduces any waveform with high signal fidelity. SiFi II adds additional filtering capabilities making this one of the most flexible generators on the market.

4.3 Inch Touch Screen

The combination of touch screen control with click and slide and multi-function knob makes it easy to find and update waveform settings; switch between channels, configure each channel, and easily load standard functions or arbitrary waves.

16bit Vertical Resolution
DG2000 series generators extend output at 16 bit resolution The resolution of the output voltage is 4 times that of the traditional 14 bit generator. DG2000 can reproduce any waveform more reliably and improve the fidelity and performance of the signal.

SiFi II Technology
Sifi II technology allows you to output signals flexibly through filtering options such as stepping, smoothing and interpolation These options in the powerful signal sorting function can provide precise roll down control for the signal you select. Combine these flexible playback options or use edge time in interpolation mode to define the range of broadband components in the signal.

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