Wind turbine GW 1S



Min.: 850 kW
(1,155.68 hp)

Max.: 1,100 kW
(1,495.58 hp)

Blade diameter

82 m
(269'00" )


Excellent Environment Adaptability
Adaptable to various environment conditions like high and low temperature, high humidity, inland, coastal areas and high altitude area
• Good Grid Adaptability
• High and low voltage ride through
• Power factor range: -0.9 – 0.9
• Highly Efficient Delivery Without Commissioning
• Integrated electric control cabinet, one-press startup, free commissioning on site
• Units in batch, short construction cycle (5 days/set)• Higher Power Generation Capacity
• Bigger swept area per kilowatt, 50% enhanced capacity• A Higher Level of Technical Maturity
• Based on the development and operation experiences of over 18,000 GW1.5MW units, optimized design, prevents risks and increases unit reliability

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