Variable-speed wind turbine SG 6.6-155


Other characteristics

6,600 kW
(8,973.5 hp)

Blade diameter

155 m
(508'06" )


Reaching new heights at medium & high wind
The SG 6.6-155 wind turbine combines technology with benchmark performance and proven reliability. It is part of Siemens Gamesa 5.X onshore platform and offers you an outstanding value proposition.

Key Facts
• Greater AEP per wind turbine and optimized CAPEX for the project
• Flexible design for logistics, construction and service resulting in lower cost of energy (LCoE)
• Optimal solution for each project and site can be configured

Recommended for
Medium and high wind, onshore location

Design excellence combined with proven wind turbine technology

Proven technology for onshore wind projects: the Siemens Gamesa 5.X platform

The new Siemens Gamesa 5.X onshore platform has its roots in Siemens Gamesa technology, synonymous with innovation, know-how and reliability accredited through experience. The Siemens Gamesa 5.X platform incorporates proven technologies, minimizing risk and guaranteeing reliability for its two new product models: SG 6.6-155 and SG 6.6-170 wind turbines.

These include a doubly-fed generator and partial converter combination, a compact drive train design with a three-stage gearbox, and the use of components widely validated on our platforms. The result is a wind turbine design that gives optimum performance and LCoE.

Technological highlights
Reliable geared technology
Our onshore approach is focused on geared technology, in which we have extensive knowledge and expertise. The hallmarks of Siemens Gamesa turbines are: reliability, robustness and a modular, flexible design for optimum adaptation and maximization of production at any site and in all wind conditions.

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