Voltage generator DG 206 X


voltage, current, electrostatic, electrostatic discharge
Other characteristics
high-voltage, compact, analog, portable, with built-in display, static, stand-alone, constant voltage, multiple-output
R&D, laboratory, for industrial applications, for surface treatment, OEM, for medical applications, for automobiles


The discharging generator DG 206 X (0-Offset) can be used to supply all the next® discharging components. The generator is designed for use in extreme conditions and for difficult materials. By using the 24 V DC fault indication contact, you have the option to receive a fault signal directly in your system. The generator provides two insulated and against reverse polarity secured high voltage connections, where discharging devices can be fast and easily connected to.


Easy to use
Error display
Compact design
Patented bipolar DC voltage

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