Arbitrary waveform generator ARB-1410


arbitrary waveform
Other characteristics
PCI card


The ARB-1410 is a highly precise (14-bit), high speed (100 MSample/sec), arbitrary waveform generator on a PCI card. Using WaveGen1410 Software, it is capable of providing an extensive variety of simple or complex acoustic emission waveforms of all shapes and amplitudes up to ±150 Volts. Its PCI form factor allows it to be installed in a wide range of standard computer chassis, as well as specialized chassis available from Physical Acoustics.

The ARB-1410’s flexibility makes it useful for a range of applications. In addition to acting as a high-performance electronic signal generator or synthesizer, it can synthesize waveforms for Acousto-Ultrasonics signal generation or Guided Wave Inspection. It can also serve as an AE calibrator from within an Acoustic Emission system. Plus, it can replay captured waveforms from an AE system, with the ability to import and process AE waveforms from files.

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