Three-phase alternator YFF005


Product applications
for wind turbine, generator
Other characteristics
liquid-cooled, low-voltage
Power in kVA

1,650 kW
(2,243.37 hp)


443 V, 690 V


Type YFF005 1.65MW Water-cooling Double-fed Asynchronous Wind-driven Generator

Main technical features 

It adopts forced air cooling(IC666 or IC616)or water cooling(IC41W);

Installation method: IMB3, Protection grade: IP54, slip ring protection grade: IP23;

Rotor employs mature variable-frequency insulation structure, similar to the one of traction motor, with capability of anti-high-frequency harmonic impulse.

Insulation grade of stator/rotor:H/H;

It adopts insulated bearing system and earthing brush, to eliminate the effect of shaft current on life of bearing.

Stator winding is equipped with thermal resistance sensor, to monitor the temperature rise of stator winding in real-time;

Bearing is equipped with thermal resistance sensor, to monitor temperature rise of bearing in real time;

Service life of carbon brush is long, equipped with the function of automatically monitoring wear of carbon brush;

The required power of frequency converter is small, thus price of integrated generator is low; 

Adjustable range of power factor is wide, without power factor compensation device;

Range of rotating speed is wide. When paralleling in the grid, it has little impulse and interference on power network.

Distortion of output harmonics is small.

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