Three-phase alternator STK


permanent magnet
Number of poles
for wind turbines
Other characteristics

500 V


The range of STK Permanent Magnet frameless alternators addresses the applications of Wind Turbine generators in low and medium power needing the highest power-to-weight ratio in Direct Drive without gear for matching cost-effective solutions.

Each component of a wind turbine generator and wind turbine alternator requires maximum strength and precision in order to ensure perfect control over the blades.

Main characteristics of wind turbine alternators
Rated power from 200 W up to 99 kW depending on size and rated speeds.
Rated speeds from 80 RPM up to 1500 RPM.
Six overall diameters from 145 mm up to 795 mm.
Internal diameter from 56 mm up to 630 mm.
Various available voltages up to 500 Vac.

Assets of wind turbine alternators
No speed multiplier, no gear
No maintenance
Highest power-to-weight ratio in Direct Drive
Simplification of mechanical design
Easy mechanical interface
Cost optimization

Characteristics of the range of wind turbine alternators
The range of permanent magnet frameless alternators STK includes 6 sizes from 145 mm up to 800 mm available in four different lengths per size and two standard rated speeds

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