Secondary switchgear SNC DB Series


Electrical characteristics
medium-voltage, switching
SF6 gas-insulated, vacuum
circuit breaker, bus bar
Other characteristics


Aktif SNC series Double Busbar Medium Voltage Metal Clad Switchgears are the switching and control cubicle andmanufactured up to kV and 36 kV, 2500 A, 40 kA/3s electrical specifications according to IEC 62271-200 standard. SNC series Double Busbar Metal Clad Switchgears have LSC-2B service continuity class, PM partition class, AFLR internal arc classification, IP 4X protection class. SNC-DB series Metal Clad switchgears are manufactured in three types;

• SNC – 0.DB : with fixed SF6 gas insulated or vacuum circuit Circuit Breaker

• SNC – 1 .DB : with withdrawable SF6 gas insulated or vacuum circuit Circuit Breaker

• SNC – 2.DB : with withdrawable SF6 gas insulated or vacuum circuit Circuit Breaker and Voltage Transformer

Metal Clad Switchgears consist of 4 independent compartments for SNC – 0.DB and SNC – 1.DB types, 5 independent compartments for SNC-2.DB type;

• Low Voltage Compartment : This compartment contains all secondary circuits for measurement, protection, control, monitoring, communication and other associated systems.
• Busbar Compartment : This compartment contains electrolytic copper busbars and disconnector switches according to rated current. Access to busbar compartment is possible with special safety procedures and tools.
• Switching Compartment : This section contains the following equipment in accordance with the project requirments.

– SF6 gas or vacuum circuit breaker with front mechanism,

– Withdrawer unit (excluded SNC-0.DB),

– Automatic shutters for busbar and cable connections,

– Mechanical interlocks between circuit breaker, withdrawer unit, shutter and door.

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