Medium-voltage switchgear ARMU Series


Electrical characteristics
medium-voltage, switching
compact, air-insulated, SF6 gas-insulated
circuit breaker, bus bar, power distribution
Other characteristics
Primary current

630 A


12 kV, 24 kV, 36 kV


Aktif Compact Type Modular RMU (Ring Main Unit) Switchgears are manufactured up to 36 kV, 630 A, 20 kA for switching and controlling single busbar distribution. Aktif RMU Switchgears are tested and manufactured in accordance with IEC 62271-200 standard with AFL internal arc class, LSC-2A service continuity and PM partition class.

Active parts under voltage such as switching equipments, main busbars and connection equipments are located in a stainless environment insulated with SF6 gas. Thus, they can be used in all kinds of ambient conditions, regardless of altitude, humidity and dust. In addition, they provide optimum usage area thanks to their compact design according to air insulated switchgears.

RMU Switchgears are manufactured accordance with type tests taken from internationally accredited laboratories, provide optimum reliability in your facilities thanks to its sealed pressure system that does not require maintenance for at least 30 years.

ARMU Series Gas Insulated Switchgears, the reliability of which is supported by the standard warranty of 2 years and optionally 5 years warranty, offers the highest level of solutions for your facility.

Application Areas

• Energy Distribution,
• Renewable Energy,
• Cement Factory,
• Automotive Industry,
• Oil and Chemical Industry,
• Mining Industry,
• Transport (Airports, railways, ports),
• Iron and Steel Industry,
• Rolling Mills,
• Pipelines,
• Electro Chemical Thesis,
• Shipyards,
• Emergency Situation and Stand-by Power Plants


• LSC 2A service continuity,
• PM partitioning,
• AFL class internal arc resistant,
• Compact and strong structure gas insulation provided

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