Pulse generator HCPL100


pulse, pulse voltage, current
Other characteristics
constant current


The HCPL100 high-current pulse power supply is a pulse constant current source, which has the characteristics of large output current (1000A), steep pulse edge (15uS), support for two-channel pulse voltage measurement (peak sampling), and support for output polarity switching. The equipment can be used in high-current testing occasions such as Schottky diodes, rectifier bridge stacks, IGBT devices, IGBT half-bridge modules, IPM modules, etc. The “current-onvoltage” scan test can be completed independently with this device.

Product Feature
– The pulse width is continuously adjustable from 50μs to 500μs;
– 15μs ultra fast rising edge;
– Two synchronous measurement voltage, 0.3mV-18V;
– 5A-1000A program control output, can be multiple parallel up to 6000A
– Test accuracy of 0.1%;
– Supports overcurrent protection and abnormal open circuit protection
– For rapid test of IGBT or SiC single pipe and half bridge
– can be used for high current transducer (step) response time test

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