Charging generator CM Tiny


Other characteristics
high-voltage, compact, static


The CM Tiny is the smallest industrial charging high voltage static generator for static electricity applications like static bonding, static cling or static used to glue materials together. The kV generator has fully integrated high voltage parts and only needs a 24V DC voltage powersupply. The housing is compact, robust and only weighs 500 grams which makes it perfect for small machines and applications with moving parts like for instance pick and place handling systems. It can easily withstand the high G-forces occurring during the process. The End-of-Arm-Tool can easily be used and configured and comes with a 4 year warrantee.

Two LED’s on the side give clear indications of the status of the charging generator;

Green: Power is on
Green fllashing: Powers is on and HV output is inactive
Red: Alarm, HV overload or HV Ok signal short circuit
The CM Tiny can be used directly from a machine interface capable of supplying a 4-20 mA signal for the setpoint and a 24V DC signal for remote on/off. Manual operation can be implemented by an additional control circuit. The control circuit enables you to mount a potentiometer and LED by simply providing 2 holes in the front panel of your machine interface. Connectionblocks with one or four outputs are available. For the use of the quick connect ports the charging electrode has to be equipped with a special connector. There is a special version of the HDR bar available for connection to the CM Tiny.

Whithstands high G-forces
Changeable charging heads

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