Medium-voltage switchgear W 12 – 607519


Electrical characteristics
compact, air-insulated
power distribution
Primary current

630 A


12 kV


The metal-encapsulated, air-insulated mediumvoltage switchgears, Type W 12 are for universal application: They range from compact ring cable switchgears up to complex power distribution switchgears. Tailored to meet the needs of public utility networks and power supply companies in industry and municipal buildings. These medium-voltage switchgears meet the user’s specific requirements in full and ensure a satisfactory power distribution. The W 12 standard panel types are available in three different dimensional sizes: 1. W 12 – 607519; W x D x H: 600 x 750 x 1900 mm. 2. W 12 – 757521; W x D x H: 750 x 750 x 2100 mm. 3. W 12 – 907521; W x D x H: 900 x 750 x 2100 mm. They are available as individual panels or as a combined switchgear, where the equipment, panel sequence etc. can be determined by the customer The switch panels of Type W 12 are installed in closed electrical operating areas which are only to be entered by skilled personnel and appropriately instructed persons. The equipment can be used at an altitude of up to 1000 m above sea level. For installations above an altitude of 1000 m the rated insulating level of the switchgear must be corrected accordingly. The switch panels are designed for use under normal operating conditions in compliance with the standard EN 62271-1.

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