Medium-voltage switchgear AGIS 36


Electrical characteristics
insulated, medium-voltage, LV, switching
compact, dry air-insulated, SF6 gas-insulated, vacuum
industrial, circuit breaker, bus bar
Primary current

1,250 A, 2,000 A


36 kV


Aktif Gas Insulated Switchgears are manufactured in order to reduce environmental effects of SF6 gas and offer a more sustainable solution by using dry air gas in the insulation environment. Gas insulated switchgears are manufactured and tested LSC-2 service continuity, PM partition, AFLR internal arc classification, according to IEC 62271-200 standard and up to 36 kV, 2000 A and 31,5 kA/3s.

Optimum reliability is ensured in your facilities thanks to sealed pressure system that does not require maintenance for at least 30 years. AGIS, which are manufactured with type tests taken from International Accredited Laboratories, consist of 4 compartments:

• Busbar Compartment: Compartment where electrolytic copper busbars according to rated current, post insulators and optional current and/or voltage transformers can be mounted.
• Switching Compartment: This compartment with 3-position disconnector and/or vacuum type circuit breaker is in a completely closed, stainless steel tank that is leakproof to industrial dry air gas (~ 80% Nitrogen + ~ 20% Oxygen).
• LV Compartment: Compartment where all measurement devices, protection relays, terminal connections, communication devices and other protection and control equipment that is used in the system are located.
• Cable Compartment: Optionally, current and/or voltage transformers can be located in this section where cable connections are made.

AGIS provides compact and strong solutions thanks to IP3X protection class for using indoor applications.

AGIS series Gas Insulated Switchgears provide maximum savings in application area with their minimized dimensions and compact designs.

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