High-voltage switchgear ZF41B-126/T2500-40


Electrical characteristics
high-voltage, 3-pole
metal-clad, SF6 gas-insulated
power distribution
Primary current

2,500 A, 3,150 A


126 kV


ZF41B-126 gas-insulated metal-enclosed switchgear (GIS) is a high-tech product developed by Tianan Electric with the introduction of Russian Lenin Institute of Electrical Engineering (VEI) mature technology for localized transformation, and won the first prize of Ningbo Key Industrial New Product. GIS directly connects electrical components such as circuit breakers, isolating switches, grounding switches, transformers, arresters, bus bars, bushings or cable terminals to each other. All components (except bushings) are placed in a grounded metal shell, and the shell is filled with SF6 gas with excellent insulation and arc extinguishing performance. The product adopts technologies such as three-phase common box, three-station isolating switch and all-aluminum alloy shell. It can be used in various power plants and substations in the 126kV AC power system. It has a small footprint, high reliability, short installation period and maintenance. With many advantages such as small workload, it is especially suitable for use in

• Three-phase common box structure, the arc extinguishing chamber adopts the combination of “thermal expansion + assisted blowing” and self-energy arc extinguishing
• The arc extinguishing chamber is arranged vertically, and the metal particles generated by the opening and closing abrasion settle to the low field strength area at the bottom, effectively avoiding the possibility of insulation flashover caused by the metal particles;
• Equipped with a spring operating mechanism to achieve oil-free and gas-free operation, higher operational reliability, and mechanical stability of the mechanism ≥10000 times;

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