AC switchgear HXGN26-12(24)


Electrical characteristics
medium-voltage, AC
Primary current

630 A


Min.: 3 V

24 V, 12,000 V

Max.: 35 V


HXGN26-12(24) type SF6 ring main unit is a 12kV (24kV) ring main unit which adopts SF6 gas insulation and arc extinguishing, which is designed and developed by Tianan Electric after digesting and absorbing foreign advanced technology and combining with my country’s power supply requirements.

Product performance indicators meet the standards of IEC298 “AC Metal-enclosed Switchgear” and GB3906 “3-35kV AC Metal-enclosed Switchgear”, and meet the national requirements for reliable anti-misoperation function, and the protection level has reached IP2X. All live parts are in a sealed enclosure, which can prevent moisture, pollution, corrosive gas and steam, dust and small animals. It is an electrical product required for urban power grid transformation and construction.

• Miniaturization
• Light weight
• Easy to operate, light operating force
• Safe and reliable to use, easy to maintain

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