Gas turbine BPRT


for energy recovery
Other characteristics
horizontal shaft


The blast furnace energy recovery device of the coaxial system of the blast furnace blower and the blast furnace gas residual pressure turbine power generation device in the metallurgical industry, referred to as the BPRT (Blast Furnace Power Recovery Turbine) device, which will place the blast furnace blower and blast furnace gas residual pressure originally placed in different workshops The recovery turbine (referred to as TRT—Blast Furnace Gas Top Pressure Recovery Turbine Unit) is connected in series on the same shaft system, which solves the problem of insufficient space on site and saves a lot of space. The benefit is considerable.

The BPRT device uses the latest technology and patented technology. According to the specific situation of the user’s site, the TRT is applied to the coaxial unit and is designed as the same system as the blast furnace blower. The generator and the power generation and distribution system are eliminated, and the automatic control system is integrated to lubricate. The oil system, power oil system, etc., avoid the loss of energy conversion, increase energy recovery, ensure that the device will not affect the normal operation of the blast furnace under various working conditions, and maximize the recovery of blast furnace gas energy. This unit is mainly composed of electric motor, gear box, axial compressor, variable speed clutch and gas energy recovery turbine.

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