Wind turbine Urban



10 kW
(13.6 hp)


Urban wind turbine market is maybe one of the most underserved markets out there.

The biggest reason for this is rural nature of regular wind turbines. In other words these turbines are not designed for application in urban areas. In order to produce significant power output in conditions of low and medium winds these turbines need to have large rotors.

And large rotors require lots of space, not to mention safety concerns.

None of these is the issue with Vetar wind turbine. It makes a lot of power and does so at medium and high winds. But most importantly it does not make a lot of noise and is much safer to the urban environment.
It can be mounted at lighting poles, building roofs or even at the lawn in front of your house.

All these features make Vetar an ideal solution for urban power applications.

But this is not all.

Beside being a power device this is a piece of modern art as well.

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