Voltage switchgear QMT


Electrical characteristics
Other characteristics
modular, floor-mounted
Primary current

Max.: 630 A

Min.: 0 A


Max.: 125,000 V

Min.: 0 V


The offer is made up of a series of compartments with air insulation for distribution systems up to 630 A at 24 kV; the compartments are modular and totally interchangeable and can be used to make complex or small distribution boards with the same ease. The range also includes ready for use solutions called “Monoblocs”. These can cover the main installation needs required by the reference standards.

As standard the QMT range products guarantee resistance to internal arcing on the front and sides of the distribution board up to 12.5 kA for 1 s and are suitable for installation even in small rooms.

All the devices have a rated seal voltage to atmospheric impulse between the phases and towards the earth of 125 kV. The front protection index is IP3X according to the ICE 60529 standards.

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