Voltage generator ECG60


voltage, current, electrostatic charge, electrostatic
Other characteristics
stand-alone, constant current, constant voltage
for medical applications, OEM


The ECG60 charge generator generates adjustable high voltage between 5 and 60KV with a maximum current of 3.0mA, it can work in constant voltage or constant current mode, thus avoiding the possibility of machine downtime due to increased voltage requirements.
Its controls are very intuitive and therefore easy to use by the operator. In addition, the generator can be remotely controlled via its remote analog control function, it can have positive or negative charge, and has 2 high voltage outputs.

Frame material : Powder coated metal
Weight : 8 kg
Connections : 2
Voltage / current reading : Digit display
Operating temperature : 0 – 60 °C
Primary voltage : 24V DC/90-264 V AC 47/63 Hz
Energy consumption : 200 Watt max.
Secondary exit : 5 – 60 kV DC
Secondary current : 0 – 3,0 mA
Polarity : Positive or negative
Features : Voltage and current control, power surge indicator, remote control analog function, control keyboard

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