Three-phase alternator Gigatop


Number of poles
Product applications
power plant, stator winding
for nuclear applications
Other characteristics
Power in kVA

Max.: 2,235,000 kVA
(3,038,753.28 hp)

Min.: 950,000 kVA
(1,291,640.1 hp)


Max.: 26 kV

Min.: 22 kV

Supply frequency

50 Hz, 60 Hz


The world’s most powerful water-cooled generator in operation (1,755 MW) GE’s Gigatop 4-pole generator is the right solution for your nuclear power plant.

Proven experience
Our Gigatop 4-pole generators has been in operation worldwide with the first unit commissioned in 1978. They are configured with technologies from the Alstom heritage.

Power and efficiency
Thanks to its powerful configuration, our generator can deliver up to 2,235 MWA of CO2 free energy to the grid. Developed with reliability and efficiency in mind, our stator winding bars are constructed with hollow cooling tubes and water boxes made of stainless steel instead of copper to reduce risk of aging effects, e.g., tubes clogging due to copper oxide build up. The increased single path water flow in our stator winding cooling system maintains a high level of efficiency.

Lower costs
Our Gigatop 4-pole generators are highly standardized. They benefit from continuous manufacturing and maintainability improvements such as robotic inspections rotor in-situ to achieve lower CapEX and OpEX across the entire life cycle.

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