Steam turbine Supercritical 350MW


for power generation
Rated power kW

350,000 kW
(475,867.4 hp)


Supercritical 350MW Steam Turbine
To meet the diversified needs of different customers, the supercritical 350MW steam turbine has 11 types, including two-cylinder two-exhaust steam and three-cylinder two-exhaust steam turbines, which can adapt to water cooling or air cooling. Also industrial extraction or heating extraction can be provided. It has won several awards including the Gold Award of Shanghai Excellent Invention Selection Competition and the Third Prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award.
Typical steam inlet parameters are 24.2MPa/566°C/566°C and 24.6MPa/569°C/569°C, and the rated back pressure ranges from 3.4kPa to 30kPa;

By the time November 2019, we have got 89 orders, including 79 units of two cylinders and two exhausts, and 10 units of three cylinders and two exhausts. Typical projects include Shaoguan Yuehua, SIGC Linbei, Chinapower Shangqiu and Indonesian Qingshan.

The latest products of this series mainly have the following features:

1. Efficient performance

1) small diameter, multi-stages, high efficiency;

2) AIBT based blade flow and structure optimization design by CFD;

2. Unique structure

1) Integrated HIP inner casing;

2) Split main steam valve and integrated reheat valve;

3) Bearing pedestals floor arrangement, single bearing support, smooth sliding system;

4) Integrated lube oil module, high integration of auxiliary system.

3. Flexible operation

1) Built-in thermal stress control, one-button start;

2) The integrated design of the stators leads to easier maintenance;

3) High reliability and some types with 10 years overhaul interval;

4) The overall shipped after assembly of the HIP;

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