Signal generator ATG-2031


signal, pulse
Other characteristics
high-voltage, single-channel, with built-in display


ATG-2031 is an ideal single-channel power signal generator that can output sine wave, square wave, triangular wave and pulse wave. The customer can choose built-in or external signal input according to the use condition. Maximum output voltage 300Vp-p (±150Vp); drive high-voltage load. Digital-control and variable voltage gain, one-key to save general setting, convenient and concise operation.


The input end of external signal is BNC interface. During the signal built-in input, it is the mode of power signal generator, just set the parameters such as waveform, frequency and voltage; when the signal is accessed externally, it is the amplifier mode, the input resistance is 5kΩ, the output resistance can be switched, and the signal can be amplified by regulating the voltage gain.


The output interface is banana binding post; output voltage is 0-300Vp-p(±150Vp); maximum output current is 120mAp.

LCD Displays

LCD operation panel to display the equipment state and parameters dynamically, the interactive interface is clear at a glance, concise and easy to understand.

Voltage gain

Amplifier mode for external input signal, voltage gain is 0-50 times (1step) digital-control and variable. Gain displayed on LCD, be adjusted to the required voltage quickly.


1/100 Monitor: The port voltage is 1/100 of output port, the monitoring port is BNC connector that can be connected with the oscilloscope for monitoring the output voltage in real time.

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