Secondary switchgear KYN28A-12/24


Electrical characteristics
AC, for three-phase
circuit breaker, power distribution

Max.: 24 kV

Min.: 3.6 kV


KYN28A-12/24 armored removable metal-enclosed switchgear (hereinafter referred to as KYN28A-12/24 switchgear) is suitable for three-phase AC 50Hz, 3.6~24kV single-bus and single-bus segmented power systems for receiving and distributing Electric power transmission control device. Mainly used in power plants, small and medium-sized generators for power transmission, industrial and mining enterprises, power distribution and secondary substations in electrical systems for power reception, power transmission and large high-voltage motor starting, etc. The removable part of the switch cabinet can be equipped with various types of vacuum circuit breakers, vacuum contactors and other components. It is a power distribution device with superior performance.


Reasonable structure: The switchgear adopts a completely metal armored design, and the enclosure has a high degree of protection (IP4X). The inlet and outlet holes of power cables and control cables are sealed with rubber sealing rings, which can prevent the intrusion of dirt and small animals, and can protect the insulation layer of the cables;

Stable and reliable: There are no inspection windows on the door panel of the circuit breaker room and cable room, which can facilitate the observation of the position and status of the circuit breaker, the working status of the incoming and outgoing cables and the working status of the incoming and outgoing cables. At the same time, the ability of the switchgear to resist internal arc faults is not lost;

Superior performance: Pressure relief channels are provided in all three compartments of the switchgear to relieve the pressure generated by internal arc faults;

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