Pulse generator SP5605




• Pulse width: 4 ns
• LED color: UV (255 nm), 0-27000 photons
• Pulse generator: internal/external
• Optical output connectors: FC
• Optical fiber included
• Dimension: 79 x 42 x 102 mm3 (WxHxD)

The CAEN Mod.SP5605 is a fast UV (ultra-violet) LED driver and this is the first available UV LED tool for Photodetectors tests and characterization. The SP5605 provides a triggered light burst of intensity from few photons to about 27000 photons. The SP5605 features tunable intensity and repetition rate. Indeed the UV LED driver can be triggered either via the internal pulse generator, or via an external source. The sensor guarantees constant wavelength signal from 100 Hz to 1.5 kHz. The optical signal is routed to the sensor through a fibre, FC interfaced.

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