Pulse generator SP5601




• Pulse width: 8 ns
• LED color: violet (400 nm) 1500 mcd
• Pulse generator: internal/external
• Optical output connectors: FC
• Optical fiber included
• Dimension: 79 x 42 x 102 mm3 (WxHxD)

The CAEN Mod.SP5601 is an ultra-fast LED Driver with pulse width at ns level, tunable intensity and frequency, that provides a low-cost tool for the detector characterization.
It represents the ideal tool for SiPM tests and characterization, through a triggered light burst of intensity down to a few photons and up to a number saturating the sensors.
The SP5601 features tuneable intensity and repetition rate: the LED driver can be triggered either via the internal pulse generator, or via an external source; the optical signal is routed to the sensor through a fibre, FC interfaced.

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