Pulse generator EP9




• Generates a clear, unique, identifiable reflection signal for time domain reflection measurement
• Connects to live cables, sockets, busbars, clamps – any accessible location of the system
• Does not influence the network’ s operation
• Automatic identification and signalling of cable voltages higher than 42 V
• Easy to operate

The EP9 echo pulser marks a certain point in the network allowing you to easily locate and identify this point with a TDR. It can be very difficult to locate a fault or a cable end in a branched network using TDR measurements, however the EP9’s marked connection point in the network is easily distinguished using a suitable reflectometer. What’s more, the impulse reflections of the joints/branches will not influence the measurement.

The cables in the cable network can be measured by connecting the reflectometer to the remaining branches, and faulty cable lines are detected the same way. This means any repair work will only involve the damaged cables being disconnected instead of the whole network.

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