Low-voltage alternator N2 series


brushless, PMG
Product applications
generator, construction, industrial
industrial, commercial, telecommunication
Other characteristics
compact, low-voltage
Power in kVA

Max.: 120 kW
(163.15 hp)

Min.: 6 kW
(8.16 hp)


Max.: 1,140 V

Min.: 220 V


1)Product Introduction
EG160/180/225N2 series three phase low voltage synchronous generators are designed to meet the high performance and quality requirements of generators in the global market. The product power range is from 6KW to 40W and widely utilized in industrial, commercial, telecommunication, traffic and civil construction application, etc.

2)Product Features
1、Compact and short configuration for easy installation
2、Easy operation and maintenance.
3、standard production, quick lead time.
4、Optional and customized configuration available.
3)Technology Features
ENGGA generators are designed and manufactured according to following standards IEC 60034-1, IEC60034-22 , GB755,CCS GB12975,GB/T7060, BS 4999-5000, NEMA MG1-22, VDE 0530
Voltage Range
50HZ: ~440V (Y);220V 254V (△)
60HZ: 380~480V (Y);220V~277V (△)
Rated frequency at 50Hz or 60Hz. The EG160/180/225 N2 series can operate in parallel with same type generator. Optional voltage can be achieved by rewinding.

Insulation and Protection
Adopting high grade insulation paint and advanced impregnating technology with multiple layer insulation protection to stator & rotor assembly, H class insulation system ensures the generator can withstand harsh environment conditions.


The design of 2/3 pitch structure can decrease the harmonic and meet the non-linear load application.


12 leads structure is available for variant wiring and flexible to be reconnected for single phase structure.

single phase generator
Variant windings are available. Single phase generator can be customized.

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