Gas turbine GET


for power generation, for energy recovery
Other characteristics
Rated power kW

Min.: 5 kW
(6.8 hp)

Max.: 350 kW
(475.87 hp)


The GET turbine generator – an innovation that pays you back.

The green turbine generator is used to recover even small amounts of residual or waste energy and convert it into electrical energy. The performance range of the green turbine is between 3 and 350 kW. This electricity can be fed into the network or used for in-house industrial consumption.

As a leading manufacturer of expansion turbines, DEPRAG SCHULZ GMBH & CO. can be instrumental in increasing your energy efficiency. The goal of reducing CO2 emissions can therefore be achieved as part of the Germany Federal government’s requirements for climate protection. To date, DEPRAG has supplied and launched more than 300 turbine generators, as axial and radial turbines in a variety of processes, in series production worldwide.

The gas expansion turbine is a turbo machine. The specific fluid-mechanical design of the components for the turbine and generator will depend on your individual processing parameters. The product is mainly aimed at ORC system manufacturers and companies which are able to integrate an ORC turbine in their existing process or plant.

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