Gas turbine FT4000®


for power generation
Other characteristics
combined-cycle, aeroderivative, multi-stage
Rated power kW

70,000 kW, 140,000 kW
(95,173.48 hp, 190,346.96 hp)

Min.: 70,154 kW
(95,382.86 hp)

Max.: 144,243 kW
(196,115.83 hp)


The FT4000® SWIFTPAC® unit is the world’s largest-capacity aero-derivative gas turbine power supply package. The unit performs with a simple-cycle efficiency of 41% or higher and rated outputs of 70 to 140 MW. The package has an optimal modular design, based on proven features of the FT8® packages, that decreases site installation work.

•Enables a start-up time of less than 5 minutes from cold start with outstanding system stability and a load change rate of 50% per minute
•High-performance, diversified operability based on the properties of independent-output turbines (free turbines)
•Reduced O&M cost and cost of ownership
•High-performance, diversified operability based on the properties of independent-output turbines (free turbines).
•Quick engine change out affords high unit availability

•A system (FT4000®SWIFTPAC® 140) with two gas turbines in twin configuration driving one generator helps reduce the construction unit cost and installation area per output.

•Individual smaller HRSG/SCR recommended for each engine.

•The free turbine construction of the power turbine (PT) eliminates the need for reduction gears and helps reduce the capacity of the lubricating oil equipment while improving performance.

•No clutch is needed during synchronous condensing operation (control of systme voltage by monitoring).

BATTPACTM Hybrid solution
Aero-derivative Gas Turbine (GT) + Energy Storage System (ESS) + Energy Management System (EMS)

Expanded introduction of renewable energy and enhanced CO2 reduction features for rapid entry into the new electric power market!

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