Air-insulated switchgear NXAIR Series


Electrical characteristics
metal-clad, air-insulated
circuit breaker, for generators, power distribution
Primary current

25,000 A, 31,500 A, 40,000 A, 50,000 A


15 kV, 17.5 kV, 24 kV, 36 kV


“Enjoy the Air” – High-end technology in best form

Worldwide, air-insulated technology has served as a basis for an established, reliable power supply for more than 100 years. The air-insulated medium-voltage switchgear NXAIR is the result of many years of experience. The NXAIR family has been launched in 1998, continously enhanced and individually adapted to the specific market requirements of the different industries and power supply companies.

Saves lives
• Internal arc classification: IAC A FLR ≤ 50 kA, 1 s
• All operation only possible with closed HV-door
• logical mechanical interlocking system

Increases productivity
• maintenance intervals of switchgear > 10 years
• use of maintenance free switching devices
• withdrawable switching devices and optimized accessibility

Air-insulated switchgear for primary distribution
NXAIR is a metal-enclosed, factory-assembled and type-tested medium voltage switchgear according to IEC 62271-200 for indoor application up to 24 kV. NXAIR is internal arc classified switchgear according to IAC A FLR up to 50 kA for 1 s arc duration.

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